The technology and systems used for inventory control and activity based services is flexible and will ensure improvement and efficiency of our services. Our technology is designed to help us to exceed customer expectations as our platform maximises efficiency and optimises the potential of every activity. The system improves our operations from basic picking, packing and shipping to speeding up the flow of goods and information through our warehouse resulting in impeccable execution of our warehouse activities.

RF Scanner Picking

Technology & Systems

With our system directed RF functionality the operator no longer needs to make decisions. It also eliminates staff downtime with system directed RF tasks to keep the operation moving.

In-built cycle counting and stock-take functionality ensures stock integrity is always maintained.


Easy ERP Integration

Our WMS and its functionalities will offer great efficiency benefits because various type of interfaces enables us to easy integrate to any host ERP system.

Procedures are determined and set for each customer to allow for 100% order fulfilment.

Best Freight Carriers

3rd Party Services

The fulfilment information will also be linked to various transport carriers this to avoid manual processing of connotes, labels and manifests.

With the order data exchange between us and our customers connote information will be readily available for tracking and tracing purposes.

We currently service customers in the following industries;

Retail, FMCG, Dairy, Automotive, Energy, Chemicals and Electronics